Beefsteak Tomatoes

Large, juicy, flavorful beefsteak tomatoes grown by GPC and sold under the Garden Classics label are vine-ripened, picked by hand, then shipped direct for the freshest possible product.  Utilizing innovative greenhouse technologies and rigorous measures to insure safety and quality, the product you receive is out best.

Beefsteak tomatoes provide about 40% of the daily adult requirement of Vitamin C as well as Lycopene, which helps protect cells and fight cancer.

Fresh or cooked, beefsteak tomatoes can be a simple stand-alone item or added to a gourmet dish.  Full of flavor and firm in texture, its uses are varied.  Be inventive – add some beefsteak zip to your next recipe!

Tomatoes on the Vine

These tomatoes are left on the vine to ripen in order to produce the sweetest, most flavorful, nutrient filled tomato.  Our On-The-Vine Tomatoes, grown in clusters, are picked just as they begin to turn red, then are shipped to our customers so GPC’s freshest and tastiest tomato can go from the retailer to the customer

Tomatoes are high in Vitamin A and C and are a source of Lycopene – a cancer and heart disease fighting antioxidant.

Under the Garden Classics label, our growers utilize innovative greenhouse technologies and rigorous safety processes so that only the highest quality and freshest product reaches our customers and consumers – our best product to your best customer!


Grape Tomatoes

Just as sweet and flavorful as cherry tomatoes but oblong in shape, grape tomatoes are a bit-size favorite for salads and snacking.