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Greenhouse Produce Company (GPC) is committed to a partnership between the grower and the end consumer.  Whether a grower, retailer, or service provider; our innovative greenhouse technologies, rigorous food safety measures, and environmentally responsible practices consistently put superb quality fresh produce at a superior value on the tables of the American consumer.

GPC is the answer to the continuous changing business environment of increased competitive supply, a partially saturated market, and a concentrated retail audience.

GPC has created a joint effort with Mexican growers to create a stronger sales and marketing organization by combining our strengths.

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We represent over 200 acres of mid to high-tech hydroponic greenhouse facilities, ranging from steel and glass structures to computerized, cooled facilities with year-round production capabilities for all crops.

GPC is the answer to the continuous changing business environment of increased competitive supply, in a partially saturated market, and a concentrated retail audience.

Growers Objectives

Target retail sales
Specialty packs
Time sensitive promotional sales
FOB Sales
Geographic specific and program-based sales
Target customer base

Single layer management
Hands on execution
Streamlined information flow
Reputable established organization
Industry leadership
Competitive grower-based sales force

Weekly conference calls
Weekly market intel report
Timely market updates
Clean grower accounting
Weekly grower settlements
Itemized grower deductions

Strong, stable, and established greenhouse partners
Electronic banking and up to date computer system
Certified accounting practices
Financial grower assistance

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Industry Leadership Competitive Advantage

Full greenhouse product line marketer including organics
Contra-seasonal winter production volume
Continuous production capacity expansion
Quality grower base with proven track record
Grower base with 10-month continuity of supply and summer production
Nationwide coverage through forward distribution network??
Third party food safety certification and full product traceability
Environmentally responsible production practices
Innovative greenhouse product development
Quality control through entire supply chain
Packhouse flexibility and value-added product line
Grower direct communication with boots on the ground
GPC owned Mexican packhouse and consolidation warehouse
Seasoned professional sales team

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